I’ve talked a lot about the importance (and inconvenience) of security in IT. Often overlooked and regularly complained about, it is an integral part of any IT strategy.

Best practice dictates that you should change your password semi-regularly and each password should be unique, that is, you don’t re-use passwords with multiple services. So when forced to change their password most users will put it off till the last minute, or as I’ve found, the day after their password expires necessitating a visit to the Help Desk to have their access reinstated.

So to combat this I wrote a PowerShell script that emails users when their password are expiring to remind them to change their password. Working from what I’ve put below you could easily change the reminder intervals, and the message that is sent to the user.

The script is was written for a College and so is setup to also remind users if their password will expire during the summer break (In Australia schools shut down between December to January). You could adapt this to a different shutdown period or remove out that section.

If you want to learn how to schedule the script to run each day then you can check out my post on Scheduling PowerShell Scripts.

You can find the script here on my GitHub: PowerShellPasswordExpiryReminderEmail